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What mode should I use?

TaskSimpleDirectBatch Import
Modify, retire, or, create a single Concept




Make more than one change to an existing Concept



Retire more than one more component to an existing Concept


What is Simple mode used for?

In Simple Mode, a user can create a request to perform a single action on one concept:

  • create a new Concept
  • Add a new Description to an existing concept 
  • Add a new  Relationship to an existing concept 
  • Modify an existing Description of an existing concept 
  • Change a Relationship of an existing concept 
  • Retire a Description of an existing concept 
  • Retire Relationship of an existing concept 
  • Change or Retire an existing Concept 
  • Other - all requests not covered by the above types

What was Direct mode used for?

Direct Mode has previously been available, but since the inclusion of axioms to SNOMED CT, we cannot guarantee that this mode will works as expected. It is therefore not a recommended approach to use until further notice. 

What is Batch mode used for?

In Batch Mode, a user can create a request to perform a multiple (typically) related actions

Form Fields

In each of the Simple and Direct modes, there are certain fields which are mandatory and need to be completed on each request:



TopicFrom the dropdown, choose the relevant area/domain for the requestY
SummaryProvide a short summary which will help staff identify and triage the requestYPlease note this field has a 255 character limit
Proposed Use CaseProvide justification on why the content should be added or changedY
ReferenceProvide references which can be verified to confirm the need to add or change the contentY
Local SNOMED CT CodeAdd the local valid SNOMED CT identifier of the content to be added if one exists

Local CodeAdd any other local code identifiers for your own reference

DefinitionPrecise meaning of the requested content addition or change

NotesAny extra notes which will help the triage of the request

NamespaceAdd the namespace of the content, if applicable

UMLS CUIAdd the UMLS Concept Unique Identifier if one exists

Originating OrganizationChoose the organization from the drop down that is requesting the change or additionYInternational CRS only
Collaboration AgreementIf relevant, select the collaboration agreement under which the request is being made
International CRS only
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  1. Which mode is used to add a new synonym?


  2. Patrick McCormick - you can use either the simple or direct mode. If you are requesting a number of synonyms on different concepts then you'd find batch more time efficient. 

  3. I want to request 30-40 new organisms. Do I need to do this via the web portal? Or is there an easier way to submit this many? I want SNOMEDs for Carbapenem resistant organisms that do not already exist.

    1. Hi Abigail Jones, please see the instructions on how to Create a Batch Request which will let you import large batches of new content requests.

  4. Just received an enquiry about which field to use in the batch xls for Local Snomed codes. The table above says this one:

    Local SNOMED CT CodeAdd the local valid SNOMED CT identifier of the content to be added if one exists

    The batch xls only has "Local code" or "Local term" not "Local snomed code" Is it possible to label the xls column for the Local Snomed Code please. thanks, Monica

    1. We will see if this can be done easily without breaking anything.

  5. What is meant with 'Terminology(1)' "version of terminology used as a resource"  in the batch import template ? It is not clear to me which value I need to chose when creating a new concept because it is lacking in the international edition of SNOMED CT.