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In Direct mode, user can create 2 types request as 'New Concept' or 'Change or Retire Concept'. A difference with Simple form would be the Edit Panel in the left hand side, and it requires the user to have knowledge of the system to be able to use it. New request will be added into the My Request list in status Draft or New after user saved or submitted request.

Panels In Direct Mode


There are 4 panels in Direct mode, started from left to right:

  • Edit Mode Switcher (1), on this panel there are 2 buttons which are used to switch between Simple and Direct mode. If there is any change is made from Direct mode, the switcher will be disable and user cannot view request details in Simple mode. However, if there is any change in Simple mode, user can view them in Direct mode.

  • Left Panel (2), there are 4 tabs in left panel ,   , and 

    • Taxonomy tab allows user to browse concepts in tree view

    • Search tab allows user to look for their desire concept quickly with suggestions (start showing suggestions after typing 3 characters)

    • Saved List tab shows saved concepts from Search tab. User can drag & drop concepts from Saved List to Edit Panel (4)

    • Request Info tab shows request statistics and corresponding buttons for each request status

    •  Remove a concept description or relationship 

  • Middle Panel (3) allows you to enter further information for a request

  • Edit Panel (4) where you provide values for concept's attributes such as synonyms, prefer term, relationships. Below are command buttons in 

    •  button to provide change details for a concept

    •  Undo changes

    •  Redo changes

    •  Revert all changes

    •  Remove concept from Edit Panel

    •  Activate or Inactivate a concept

    •  Drag & Drop button

    •  Activate or Inactivate a description or a relationship

    •  Add a new concept description or relationship 



Figure 2 - Panels in Direct Mode

Getting Started - Create Request

From CRS Dashboard (Figure 1), click on Create New Request (1), select Direct (2) from Input Mode


Figure 1 - Select Direct Mode


New Concept

To create a new concept request by using direct mode, from CRS Dashboard (Figure 1) click on Create New Request (1), select Direct from Input Mode (2) drop-down list, select New Concept from Request Type (3) drop-down list, and click on Create Request (4) button to go to request details editor. 

Figure 3 - Select New Concept in Direct Mode

Add New Description 

Click  button which is on each description row to add a new row of description

Notes:FSN/DEF/SYN are Fully Specified Name (FSN) , Definition (DEF), and Synonym (SYN)<locale>: P/A are the locale 2-digit code (us for USA, gb for Great Britain), and Preferred/Acceptable terms, abbreviated as P and A respectively
So in the above examples:
The first row indicates that the Fully Specified Name is the preferred term in both US and GB dialects of English
The second row indicates a Definition that is the preferred term in both US and GB dialects of English
The third row indicates a Synonym that is an accepted term in both US And GB dialects of English


Figure 4 - Add New Synonym


Add New Relationship

Click  button which is on each relationship row to add new relationship. 

Click on Relationship Type field (1) to select item , and then Drag and drop a concept from the left panel (2) to the destination concept (3). if you don't want to drag & drop, then you can type in the target concept textbox, CRS will suggest corresponding concept (4) for your keyword.

Figure 5 - Add New Relationship 

Change or Retire Concept

To create a new request for Change or Retire Concept by using Direct mode, from CRS Dashboard (Figure 1) click on Create New Request (1), select Direct from Input Mode (2) drop-down list, select Change or Retire Concept from Request Type (3) drop-down list, and click on Create Request (4) button to go to request details editor. 

Drag & drop a concept from Left Panel (1) to the Edit Panel area (2) to load concept's details (3) .

Figure 6 - Compose a Change or Retire Concept in Direct mode 

Figure 7 - Drag & Drop Concept to Edit Panel

Inactivate a Description

Click on  button (1) of the description which you want to retire, there will be a modal dialog displayed, select a New Description Status (2) option then click Select (3) 

Figure 8 - Retire a Description

Figure 18 - Retired Description With Indicator

Inactivate a Concept

Click on  button (1) to show the modal dialog (2) to populate relevant information, and then click on Select (3) button to retire concept. 

Figure 19 - Retire concept


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