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One of the goals of the Content Request Service is to support the IHTSDO Content Change Management Process and enable:

  • Standard methods and procedures for efficient and prompt handling of all changes to SNOMED CT and its derivatives,
  • Minimize the impact of Change-related issues upon service quality,
  • Improve the support that the IHTSDO provides the international community.

It is envisaged that when assessing a request for change submitted via the Content Request Service, the Content Change Management Process will be followed ensuring that a balance between need for change and impact of the change is maintained.

It must be ensured that any Content Request Service can support the Content Change Management Process. An overview of the proposed Request management process is provided below.

The Request diagram shows the existing workflow of a new Request. Notification to the Requester would happen at any status change of the Request. The Task, Project and Mainline diagrams show the entire workflow that would exist in the new Authoring Tool. Integration with the Atlassian Jira product is mandatory for the new Content Request Service as the New Authoring Tool core Task creation is established in that platform along with the workflow stages. Once the Request is accepted, it is (potentially) created as a new Task with a link established to the originating Request. A trigger may need to be designed so that upon any rejection of a Task there would be a notification sent back to the Requester in the Content Request Service.

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