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As there are no agenda items for our scheduled meeting today I have cancelled the meeting.

If you have any questions or proposed future agenda items please email

The mapping team at SNOMED International have provided the following report on their work over the last month:

SNOMED Mapping Team's March Musings 

The mapping tool requirements list was polished off today with priorities.  Some are nice-to-have improvements; others are definite needs to aid the workflow.  A few bugs still need exterminating.  Better search methods to capture very specific maps is top priority to me in order to first find, and then improve, the quality of certain areas.   Otherwise the team’s work is business as usual.  The collaboration between SNOMED International and the UKTC/NHS mapping teams continues to work well in the continuous creation of the maps from SNOMED CT to ICD-10.   And lastly, as iron sharpens iron, so does the interaction between authoring and mapping; the working relationship ultimately improves both products. Nicki Ingram is joining the Drug and Substance team and updating terming for groupers in the drugs hierarchy and replacing ambiguous concepts in the substance hierarchy.  The ICD-11 map is in infant stages, so more on that to come later!

(Provided by Krista Lilley)



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