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E-Learning Advisory Group - 2016 Work Plan


This document was discussed at the ELAG meetings in November and no further suggestions for revisions were received. 

Overall objectives

The main purpose of the E-Learning Advisory Group is to facilitate delivery of E-Learning products and services that address requirements of Members and other stakeholders for development of knowledge and skills related to SNOMED CT and other IHTSDO products and services.



Teleconferences will be held every 4 to 6 weeks depending on current level of required group activity.

Based on views of ELAG members, teleconferences may be held twice (with same agenda) at times that suit those in different timezones.

Face-to-Face meetings

ELAG plans to meet at both IHTSDO Business meetings during the year.

April 2016 - London, UK

  • Business meeting scheduled April 17th-20th, 2016 
    • London Meetings confirmed  (all day) and  (morning)
  • ELAG plans to meet for one and half days
  • Main AG session: 
    • Half day
    • During IHTSDO business meeting
    • Regular updates and key topics.
  • Working AG session:
    • Full day
    • Depending on availability may be scheduled before, during or after the business meeting
    • Detailed work on advice for future E-Learning courses

October 2016 - Wellington, New Zealand


1. Supporting delivery of SNOMED CT E-Learning services

The E-Learning team will report progress with delivery of E-Learning services through the ELAG Confluence Space.

Members representatives are encouraged to support E-Learning services in the following ways:

  • Prioritizing applicants from their country for advanced course (in cases where the number of suitably qualified people applying exceeds the course capacity).
  • Offering skilled resources to support E-Learning for people from their countries taking the course (enhancing the learning experience and/or increasing course capacity).

AG members may also be asked for advice related to course delivery including:

  • Adapting to changing patterns of demand as the course developed in 2015 reach steady state.
  • Issues or opportunities arising from course delivery and logistics that may arise during the year.

2. Advising on development of SNOMED CT E-Learning services

All ELAG members will provide advice on ways to enhance the value of current E-Learning services within the available resources. This is a key new area which is expected to be as substantial part of the ELAG work in 2016. Advice will be sought on the following topics:

  • Options for repackaging existing materials to match needs of different audiences;
  • Potential additional short E-Learning modules to meet more detailed needs in other areas (e.g. clinician focused materials, vendor focused materials, decision support, refset management, retraining ICD focused staff);
  • Requirements for maintenance and continuing development of course material (e.g. to refresh and extend the question bank)

Although outside the immediate scope of ELAG, advice may also be sought from the group on proposed revisions of the structure of SNOMED CT specifications and guides to better align with and support E-Learning course modules and materials.

3. Facilitating sharing of SNOMED CT E-Learning resources

Member representatives on ELAG will have a key role in facilitating sharing of SNOMED CT E-Learning resources following the approach agreed by the former E-Learning Reference Group. In 2016 we hope to see direct results from this sharing policy in terms of Member translations of versions of some course modules. Advice will be sought on requirements of Member in relation to development and delivery of translated services.

4. Advising E-Learning Team about educational priorities and activities

  • Member representatives are encouraged to share information about National priorities for SNOMED CT education with the E-Learning Team and ELAG.
  • All ELAG members are encouraged to share information about education activities relevant to SNOMED CT.


  • ELAG will enable two-way communication between the E-Learning Team and Members on areas relevant to SNOMED CT education and E-Learning.
  • The primary routes for communications will be the ELAG Confluence Space and ELAG Meetings.
  • Communications to ELAG will, by default, be publicly accessible on the ELAG Confluence Space.
  • Information that is not for public view may also be shared on pages that are only accessible to ELAG members only. Requests for closed areas must be sent to prior to posting materials.

Criteria for measuring success

The key criteria for success of the ELAG in 2016 related to provision of advice on development of SNOMED CT E-Learning services. The two key measures success in this area will be:

  • Availability of new E-Learning offerings that are welcomed and used by the community to further widen knowledge, understanding and practical skills related SNOMED CT.
  • An outline recommendation on further practical steps for 2017 and beyond to meet requirements for SNOMED CT education in ways that support and are supported by Members, Vendors and other stakeholders.

Additional criteria for success relate to advice that supports effective continuation and expansion of SNOMED CT E-Learning service delivery - including:

  • Practical evidence of Member contributions assisting scaling of E-Learning services in at least two Member countries;
  • Member managed and supported translation and delivery of part or all of the Foundation course in at least one language other than English.