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Current Version - Under Revision

An Extension mechanism offers many advantages to developers, vendors, terminologists, national bodies and users.

Such a mechanism allows:

This structure also enables specialized Concepts and Descriptions within an Extension to be related to Concepts and Descriptions distributed as part of SNOMED CT.

The Concepts, Descriptions, Relationship and Reference Sets that form an Extension must be:

  • Distinguishable from the main body of SNOMED CT, not only in the thesaurus, but also when stored in a patient record, query or decision support protocol;
  • Distinguishable from other Extensions, in the same way as they are distinguishable from the main body of SNOMED CT ;
  • Able to be distributed and processed in the same way as equivalent components from the main body of SNOMED CT without requiring specific adaptations of SNOMED-enabled applications.

The requirements for Extensions can be summarized as follows: