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Current Version - Under Revision

SNOMED CT specifications and content include resources that support Mapping to and from other code systems, classifications and terminologies. These resources support simple mapping, where there is a one-to-one Relationship between a SNOMED CT concept and code in a target scheme , and more complex maps where these are required.

More complex mapping requirements supported by the SNOMED CT Mapping model include:

  • Maps from a single SNOMED CT concept to a combination of codes (rather than a single code) in the target scheme.
  • Maps from a single SNOMED CT concept to choice of codes in the target scheme. In this case, the resolution of the choices may involve:
    • Manual selection supported by advisory notes.
    • Automated selection based on rules that test other relevant characteristics in the source data (e.g. age and sex of the subject, presence or absence of co-existing conditions, etc).
    • A combination of automated processing with manual confirmation or selection where rules are insufficient to make the necessary decisions.

In Release Format 2 Maps are represented using Reference Sets. The type of Reference Set used varies according to the nature and complexity of the mapping, there is a Simple Map Reference Set and a Complex Map Reference Set.

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