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Current Version - Under Revision

Reference Sets are a flexible standard approach used by to support a variety of requirements for customization and enhancement of SNOMED CT content. These include representation of subsets, language preferences maps for or from other code systems.

Practical uses of Reference Sets include:

  • Indicating the descriptions that contain acceptable and preferred term for each concept in a particular language or dialect;
  • Subsets of components that are included, excluded from the set of values that can be used in a particular country, organization , specialty or data entry context;
  • Frequency of use of descriptions or concepts in particular country, organization , specialty or context;
  • Suitability of particular concepts for use in a particular field in a record or message;
  • Structure and ordering of hierarchies displaying concepts for user navigation.

Rows in Reference Set files reference a component that is a member of the set and may associate some additional information with the referenced component (e.g. whether a term is acceptable or preferred, codes that are the target of a maps).

Some types of Reference Set may also be represented by an intensional definition specified as a set of rule or constraints (e.g. all subtypes of a specified concepts.

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