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This is a synonym for SNOMED CT Extension

A set of terminology components and derivatives that add to and are dependent on the SNOMED CT International Edition, and are created, structured, maintained and distributed in accordance with SNOMED CT specifications and guidelines.


  1. Components that are created in an extension are identified using extension SCTIDs. These identifiers include an extension namespace which ensures that they do not collide with other SCTIDs, and can be traced to an authorized originator.
  2. Namespace identifiers are allocated in response to requests from Members and Affiliates. For further information about this process and for access to the current SNOMED CT Namespace Register please refer to the SNOMED International web page on Namespaces.
  3. Members may create, maintain and distribute extensions to address specific national, regional and language requirements. SNOMED International Affiliates may also create, maintain and distribute extensions to meet the needs of particular software solutions and customers.
  4. See also Edition which refers to the combination of an extension with the International Release and, where relevant, any modules from other extensions on which it depends.


  • Extension

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