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Current Version - Under Revision

The key benefits of making this change are:

  • Large scale retirement and replacement of SCTID (data type) place an increased maintenance burden on implementers with no perceivable benefit. This change significantly reduces that burden.
  • The change maintains the distinction of the namespace and module


    - the former for the creators of content and the latter for the maintainers.
  • The change eases the burdens of content providers in the chain of submissions to National


    and the


    in detecting their content in public releases. It enables them to set policies on how to detect and manage content migration.
  • Long term contributions will come from existing


    . This change will reduce impact on both the

    National Release Centre


    managers and the source providers.
  • The change removes the disincentive to migrate content to the

    International release

    or to a parent


  • It will enable more frequent incremental release of content due to decreased migration burden.