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Current Version - Under Revision

SNOMED CT identifiers are unique integer Identifiers which include embedded information about the type and origin of the components they identify. One part of this embedded information is the namespace-identifier which identifies the Extension in which the component originated.

Prior to the change described by this note the namespace-identifier also determined the organization responsible for maintaining the component. As a consequence, the specifications required that whenever responsibility for maintenance of component was transferred this required it to be inactivated and replaced by a new component with a new SCTID with a partition identifier and namespace- Identifier appropriated to the new maintenance arrangement.

The Identifier change resulting from moving a component from an Extension to the International Release causes disruption in the authoring environment. From an implementation perspective several SNOMED CT identifiers changed from one release to the next, without any change in intended meaning, as a result of adoption of concept from an Extension as part of the International Release . These changes had a negative impact on system operation and interoperability between systems.

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