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The IHTSDO Infrastructure is a set of systems/services which interact:

  • Authentication & authorization: IMS  which then talks to Atlassian Crowd.  Java & Java + MySQL
  • Termserver:  Snowowl -  holds Concepts - Java + MySQL
  • SNCTID Server : CIS - NodeJS + MySQL
  • SCA (Single Concept Authoring) - Javascript application. Served from the Termserver but runs in the user's browser
  • MLDS - Distribution service - Java + Postgresql
  • Workflow - Atlassian JIRA  - Java + MySQL
  • Orchestration - usually runs on same instance as termserver. Gives a queuing system for long running processes such as validation. Java - JMS (activeMQ).
  • RVF/SRS  - Validation - java + MySQL runs mostly via messages places on the Orchestrations service. Is often handled via temporary instances (via AWS).
  • CRS - Requests from external parties for new/changed content. Java + MySQL
  • Refset - Works against the mongodb of the browser. Java + MySQL
  • Mapping - Maps between different terminologies (primarily ICD-10) and Snomed. Java + MySQL
  • Browser - A browser for snomed. can be used on top of termserver or via mongoDB. NodeJS +


Note this list does not include development /monitoring systems such as nexus or  jenkins, zabbix etc nor standalone packaged applications such as Elearning/Moodle, Snomed In Action etc.

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