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  1. Applying mrcm is a one way process ergo prior to doing so make a backup.
  2. If you do not have the mrcm rules as an xmi/xml file, ssh onto the source machine and then ssh to the local osgi console:  " ssh admin@localhost -p2502 " You will need to get the password from devops.
  3. The docs for the osgi console are here:
  4. Export the mrcm rules from the source machine  " mrcm export /path/to/export/folder  "
  5. Transfer the xmi file to the target machine
  6. Alternatively: get from git repository :
  7. Login to osgi console as above
  8. Usually the mrcm rules will be applied to a given extension/national branch as often rules can differ (e.g. between say SE & DK). 
    As such you may/will have to apply the update to multiple branches e.g. 

    mrcm import /path/to/mrcm.xmi MAIN/2016-01-31/SNOMEDCT-SE 
    mrcm import /path/to/mrcm.xmi MAIN/2016-01-31/SNOMEDCT-DK

  9. If applying to MAIN : in the osgi console: "mrcm import /path/to/mrcm.xmi". This can only really be applied to INT
  10. exit the osgi concole by typing "disconnect"
  11. rebase the branches involved e.g.:!/branches/createMerge

    "source": "MAIN/2016-01-31",
    "target": "MAIN/2016-01-31/SNOMEDCT-DK",
    "commitComment": "Rebasing DK release 2016-01-31 INT."