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  1. You might want to do the below as root i.e. "sudo su" before starting.
  2. If creating from backup download zip from bucket e.g. "aws s3 cp s3://prod-cis.backup.ihtsdo/ ./"
  3. Then "mysql -u idservice -pidservice idservice < /home/adamf/cis_cis_20160820_0300/cisdump.sql"
  4. Then get the external id'es files e.g. "aws s3 cp s3://ms-authoring-clean/dk_migration/ . --recursive"
  5. Then "chmod 777"
  6. Then ./
  7. If from backup and you are using a different backup to the intended use (e.g. using a prod backup as UAT) you will then need to run a perms reset script e.g. "mysql < uat-perms.sql --local-infile"
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