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SNOMED International will offer free enrolment to our authoring courses and certifications to individuals who meet all of the following criteria:

  • They are not employed or paid by any National Release Center (or will not be at the time of their contribution)

  • They have passed all prerequisite courses and exams to a high standard (B or higher)

  • They actively participate in a SNOMED International Clinical Reference Group (CRG)

  • They actively contribute to an existing CRG project group or have offered to contribute in a volunteer capacity to a planned clinical project group that

    • Requires authoring work to be done

    • Is in a subject matter area for which the individual has the appropriate expertise or qualifications, and which SNOMED International has designated as a priority area for the next 2 years (as determined by the Head of Terminology)

    • Has insufficient resources to complete the required authoring work in the required timeframe without additional help

Please note that an offer of free education or certification does not guarantee: 

  • That a place will be available in the individual’s preferred course intake or exam slot

  • That the individual will be provided with authoring tooling services after the completion of the course or exam

  • That any content authored by the individual will be included, or considered for inclusion, in the international release. 

All decisions on these matters will be at the sole discretion of SNOMED International.

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