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Following a February 2016 meeting with WHO on the subject of ICD-O content update, there will be a few tasks for ICD-O project in order to update the neoplasm morphology content in SNOMED CT and maintain the maps between SNOMED CT and ICD-O.

 2016Project ScopeDeliverablesRelease

Morphology Content

  1. Content development for SNOMED CT,  plan, scoping and process for alignment. Develop and deliver the map for 3.1 version
  1. Completed, Jan 2017 release
2Tool Development
  1. Development for supporting update ICD-O refset in map tool
  1. Completed 2016
3SNOMED CT Refset review
  1. Review and update for the maps of morphology codes in ICD-O version 3.1 
  1. Completed - Dec 2016
2017Project ScopeDeliverablesRelease
1.Morphology Content
  1. Latest Version (3.2) updates & Develop  and Deliver the map for the new edition 
  1. 2017 dependent on version release date. Yet to be released, waiting for ver 3.2 from WHO
2018Project ScopeDeliverablesRelease

  1. ICD-11: our understanding is that ICD-O 3.2 will be part of ICD-11 histopathology. If this is the case we need confirmation from WHO when this will be finalised and made available.
  2. Jane mentioned that she was in discussion with IARC, who was going to share the ICD-O code in 2018. We need to understand the scope, size and process in order to plan as well as identify benefits and relationships to ICD-O 3.2 or ICD-11.
July2018; need to address via QA plan - large scale project that needs to be prioritized patient safety

Only 5 concepts added via dripfeed; Project stalled until a new version is published.Jan2019


Project ScopeDeliverablesRelease

Project stalled until a new version is published. Only CRS requests added; 100 expected from University of Nebraska.


Please visit ICD-O Map and Content for latest updates

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