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Produce a map from SNOMED CT to ICD-11 MMS (Mortality and Morbidity Statistics)

2017Project ScopeDeliverablesRelease
1.ICD- 11 Starter Set
  1. Compare starter set against MMS -5400 concepts
  2. Categorize the comparison outcome to 1, 2, 3 and 4 categories
  3. Map between SCT and the starter set comparison (algorithm and candidate map)
  4. QA
  1. Completed
2018Project ScopeDeliverablesRelease
1.ICD-11 MAP
  1. Map of new concepts to ICD-10 from ICD-11 updates

  2. Update ICD-11 Starter Set Map (to comply with June ICD-11 MMS file)
  3. Identify gaps (Assessment & Complete), new ICD-11 MMS expanded map
  4. Mapping of 115,000 concepts (equivalent to 66,926 maps)
  1. None in Jan2018 release
  2. Jan 2019 SNOMED CT release (June ICD-11 files) Content gaps for Release & update to ICD-10 Map (Assessment and partial add)
  3. Update ICD-11 Starter Set Map (June ICD-11 files). Update gaps (Assessment & Complete)
  4. New ICD-11 MMS expanded map- Starter set content plus June 2018 content 115k) Not planned Phase 1&2 map.

Stalled pending funding and resourcesJan2019
2019Project ScopeDeliverablesRelease




2020Project ScopeDeliverablesRelease



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