2016-10-24 - TRAG Meeting Agenda/Minutes


24 October 2016  -  09:30 +

25 October 2016  -  13:00



Meeting Recording



  • Briefly discuss each item
  • Agree on the plan to analyse and resolve each issue, and document the Action points
  • All those with Action points assigned to them to agree to complete them before the face to face April conference meeting

Discussion items


Conclusion of previous Discussions topics:




  Release version control proposal updated to use the actual Release Date + Time instead of EffectiveTime in the Release Package Naming convention
  • Andrew Atkinson to agree internally, then communicate out and ensure the TIG is in line...
  • Everyone to review the final document, to be found attached to the Discussion on Release packaging conventions and File Naming Conventions - we will then discuss in tomorrow's session
  • The document was reviewed in detail and all feedback was discussed and agreed upon - Andrew Atkinson to therefore agree the changes internally and update the document accordingly. Once complete, this should be transferred to Confluence and opened up to anyone to view.

Dion McMurtrie completed the Alpha release in May 2016 - did anyone have chance to review it? (I haven't had any requests for access to the remainder of the package)

The subject of Modularisation needs to be discussed between the various AG's who are considering the topic, before we can proceed with the Release-specific sections.


  • Volunteers for testing various releases (both Alpha, Beta, but also Production Releases, both International and Derivative products)
  • All Members of the Terminology Release AG to come back to Andrew Atkinson with volunteers (either themselves, or users/affiliates) to help with the testing

Any further thoughts on Continuous Delivery since the previous meeting? None - the only crossover we got was that everyone thought we should discuss this in line with the Member Release period discussion, as once Continuous Delivery comes in then the Member Release period discussion becomes defunct.


2Concrete DomainsAll

The short term proposal of precoordinating the numbers and measures as concepts (and therefore not changing the RF2 format) was generally well accepted, though there were concerns raised regarding the longevity of this approach, and whether or not this addresses the original target of the project (which was to allow a standardised approach across all extensions, instead of perpetuating distinct coding for different users). The other concern raised was that any solution needs to be implemented rapidly, as otherwise the various members will be forced to start/continue implementing their own solutions.

  • Robert Turnbull, therefore, will take this forward in the Modelling AG and further implementation.

New file type (RF2 Laterality Refset) to be added to the International Edition

AllNaming convention needs to be specified in order to target the specific Laterality that we're discussing in this respect.
4IHTSDO Release Management Communication Plan reviewAll 
  •  Everyone to read the Comms plan tonight and we will discuss in more detail in tomorrow's session
  • The document was reviewed in detail and all feedback was discussed and agreed upon - Andrew Atkinson to therefore agree the changes internally and update the document accordingly. Once complete, this should be transferred to Confluence and opened up to anyone to view.
5Perl script in the International Release PackageAllEveryone in agreement that this is a good idea, as long as we clearly communicate the change out, and ensure that the users are a) aware of where to get it now, and b) assured that it still has the same support from IHTSDO as it always has.


Discussion on the best location for Release Notes

AllEveryone is now happy with the segregation of the Release Notes from the International edition package (in fact ADHA have already effected this change)
  •  Andrew Atkinson will put together some communication on this and send it out ASAP, with the intention of decoupling them for the Jan 2017 release.

Member Release period


Most NRC's (Australia, USA, Sweden, etc) were agreed that there was no longer any need for this Member Release period, as they only ever use the Member Release for preliminary internal validation, etc. However, Guillermo Reynoso expressed concerns that the removal of this phase would present a barrier to their support of members such as Netherlands, Uruguay, etc - and also with their translation of the Spanish edition. Andrew Atkinson therefore agreed to put this discussion on hold until we have confirmed the timeline of the Continuous Delivery deployment, as if this will be implemented in 2017 then it will imminently negate the Member Release period, and therefore render this issue redundant.


Refset containing the semantic tags?

Everyone confirmed that this was a complicated and subjective discussion, and that the only true constants were the hierarchies themselves, and not the semantic tags which can range across them. Therefore creating this refset was not advised, as it could become misleading.

9Beta version in the BrowserAllNo-one has an interest in this at present, as everyone who is in a position to evaluate the Releases have already got processes in place for this. The clinical level of review that this type of Beta browser could engender should already have taken place long before we get to the Alpha/Beta stages, and so this shouldn't be encouraged at this point. In particular, this could be dangerous due to the unconfirmed content being too easily accessed and used in clinical systems if we make it available at this stage (whilst simultaneously stating that no-one should use it as such in the Readme file and Release Notes).
10Implementation Load TestAll 
  •  Andrew Atkinson to discuss a comparison between ADHA's validation routines, and the RVF assertions, and add in any additional rules to the RVF that are not currently there
  • So to allow the RVF to be contributable towards, is more useful going forwards, as then Implementation issues can be reverse engineered into the assertions.
  • Andrew Atkinson to also ensure that termMed's DROOLS rules are fully incorporated into the front end input validation for the SCA, etc.

ModuleDependency file approach

  •  Andrew Atkinson to ensure that both dependencies are called out in ALL cases (as even though the dependency is inferred the TIG still requires us to state it)

12Discussion on the conflict between Extension content and International contentAll

The answer to this may be quite simple:

  1. If extensions promote content via RF2 delta, we just need to retain all ID's, and only change the ModuleID and effectiveTime, and therefore it is all managed by effectiveTime.
  2. If IHTSDO reject content this is also managed
  3. The only issue then comes if IHTSDO want to change the FSN, then we ned a way to manage the change of the meaning of the concept without creating 2 FSN's - as then we need a feedback loop to ensure that it's also corrected at source in the extension as well as in the International edition.

Spanish Namespace switch 

AllNo-one had any issues whatsoever with termMed creating a new namespace for the Spanish edition.
14Any other questions / issues?AllNone - thanks given to everyone for their excellent feedback and input.