Major New Features & Improvements

  • View multiple language reference sets or extensions in the same view. A new update in the details tab shows more than one language at the same time. The options menu selector for languages now allows to select more than one, creating many description tables in the details panel. See the screenshot here -

  • Allow Semantic Tag search filters to persist. Search filters now persist throughout your session until you leave the page (or reload the page). 
  • Mappings in browser. A button has been added to the refset panel which will take you to see if there are any relevant mappings for that particular concept, as seen in this screenshot


  • Drag to taxonomy tab. You can now drag a concept (the yellow icon beside the concept in the list) direct from the search results to the taxonomy tab to see it in the taxonomy.
  • Back Button and browser history.The browser now tracks your activity and supports going back and forward using your browser's back and forward buttons. 
  • Improvements requested to Copy/Paste functionality. There are now new copy/paste features, provided by a copy icon which now gives simple options to copy pre-formatted content into the clipboard, avoiding previous issues. See the icon here -  and here  

  • Refset Members listrefset members from the list are now clickable to go through to the relevant concept details.
  • New Expressions panel in the concept details. A new panel for expressions displays a pre coordinated expression and full expressions created from the concept relationships (stated and inferred), with the possibility to copy the expression to clipboard. See the screenshot here- 


  • Descendant count (in addition to Children count) Concept Details, Details tab. This feature will be soon available should the counts of descendants on the concept details tab.

New Features & Improvements