(originally posted by Eirik Hafver Roenjum  - copied from 96808101 )

We recently implemented a Proof of Concept for patient information as open data in Norway - with SNOMED CT as the metadata core. In this work we did an installation of Snowstorm, and used this as API against the front end GUI. The project was very successful.

We will now reset Snowstorm and build the terminology server in a more sustainable way. But we have not found good documentation on best practices on how to install different extensions in different branches.

So far, we have put the International Edition (MAIN) in the root. Then we have installed all extensions (Norwegian extension, ICPC-2, local extensions) as separate branches under MAIN.

This works, but means we have to make quite a few queries to different branches to get the data we need.

Is this the recommended way to do it? Or do you merge different packages in common branches?

Is there any documentation on this? Or is there someone with experience to share?

Thank you very much in advance!