Changes in this release

Validation report assertion changes since last scheduled release

Additional Notes

This is a scheduled feature release for volume authoring using templates for concept transformation, prioritised QI support, and prioritised Managed Service support, including Drools Rules updates. Please see the associated Drools Rules Version 1.27.0 - 14 February 2019 - Release Notes, and also the Reporting Platform Version 1.1.0 - 14 February 2019 - Release Notes

The Authoring Platform Version 4.1.0 - Release Overview (aggregated) page presents statistics which aggregate tickets from the interim Authoring Platform point versions since the last scheduled feature release (AP 3.3.0), including related Drools Rules, RVF validation report assertions, Classification Service updates, and Reporting Platform updates. It shows changes by type, functional area, and reporter, to give further insight into the nature and focus of this feature release, to which have been added the proportion of tickets raised by the International Content Team, Managed Service Authors, Testing Team and Technical Development Team, along with the proportion of Technical tickets related to performance and stability.

Module versions in this deployment

ModuleVersionDeployment notes
Authoring-Services (API)5.11.0new
Drools Rules1.27.0new
Orchestration Service1.37.1unchanged
Reporting_UI (Schedule_Manager_UI) 1.1.0new
Reporting_Engine (Schedule_Manager)3.4.1new
SNOMED Templates1.5.2new
Template Service (API)1.8.1new
Terminology Server6.10.5new
Traceability Service1.4.0new
TS Browser1.1.6new

 Related dependencies for information

ModuleVersionInfo/context notes
Classification Service2.1.0unchanged
Identity Management Service (IMS)1.2.0unchanged