AEditorial GuideThis guide provides detailed information about the rules by which SNOMED CT international content is authored. It describes SNOMED CT's scope, hierarchies, authoring principles, style guidance and concept model rules.
BCOVID-19 GuideThis guide provides practical examples of SNOMED CT subsets that can be used to code a variety of COVID-19 related data elements, such as symptoms, risk factors and test results.
CEMR / EHR SNOMED CT Requirements GuideThis guide is a practical starting point from which any jurisdiction can begin contemplating the inclusion of SNOMED CT requirements into their procurement documents.
DSearch and Data Entry GuideThis guide presents key techniques for search and data entry with SNOMED CT.
EData Analytics with SNOMED CTThis guide explains a range of approaches, tools and techniques for performing data analytics using SNOMED CT, and presents some analytics case studies.
FDecision Support with SNOMED CTThis guide explains a range of approaches to implementing clinical decision support with SNOMED CT, and presents some relevant case studies.
GReference Sets Practical GuideThis guide presents the purpose, process and principles of creating, distributing and managing SNOMED CT reference sets.Português: Guia Prático de Conjuntos de Referências
HExtensions Practical GuideThis guide presents the purpose, process and principles of creating, distributing and managing SNOMED CT extensions.
ISNOMED CT OWL GuideThis document is a guide to the use of the Ontology Web Language (OWL) in SNOMED CT. It includes detailed information about structure, content and use of OWL reference sets. These OWL reference sets are used to distribute ontology reference information and the axioms that represent the formal logical definitions of SNOMED CT concepts.
JICD-10 Mapping Technical GuideThis guide explains the process used for mapping SNOMED CT to ICD-10, and incorporates guidance on this process.Português: Guia Técnico de Mapeamento da CID-10
KTechnical Implementation GuideThis guide (also known as the TIG) provides a general overview of technical topics related to SNOMED CT implementation. It also provides an entry point to individual guides on more specific topics.
LTerminology Services GuideThis guide describes services required to load, update, access and make effective use of SNOMED CT terminology content.
MRecord Services GuideThis guide discusses requirements for the entry, storage, retrieval and communication of SNOMED CT coded health record information.


This guide provides advice on using SNOMED CT and LOINC together. It includes specifications of the files used for distribution maps and expression constraints developed as part of the cooperative work between SNOMED International and Regenstrief Institute Inc.