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1 Introduction

SNOMED CT terminology provides a common language that enables a consistent way of indexing, storing, retrieving, and aggregating clinical data across specialties and sites of care.

The International Health Terminology Standards Development organisation (IHTSDO®), trading as SNOMED International, maintains the SNOMED CT technical design, the content architecture, the SNOMED CT content (includes the concepts table, the descriptions table, the relationships table, a history table, and ICD mappings), and related technical documentation.


2 Background

This document provides a summarized description of the content changes included in the May 2017 release of the SNOMED Clinical Terms® Managed Service Sweden Extension package.

It will also includes technical notes detailing the known issues which have been identified (should any of these exist). These are content or technical issues where the root cause is understood, and the fix has been discussed and agreed, but has yet to be implemented.

This Sweden Extension package is dependent upon, and should therefore be consumed in conjunction with the SNOMED CT® January 2017 International Edition release.


2.1 Scope

This document is written for the purpose described above and is not intended to provide details of the technical specifications for SNOMED CT or encompass every change made during the release.

3 Content Development Activity

3.1 Summary

This release cycle adds two new NI refsets; observation status(observationsstatus) and activity status(aktivitetsstatus). Content from the SNOMED CT® January 2017 International Edition release has been translated and additional concepts for use in Sweden have been added. The reason for prescription refset(ordinationsorsaker) has been inactivated in this release to prepare for a revamp in the near future. 

3.2 New and Updated Content

New concepts: 75
Inactivated concepts: 0

Changes to existing concepts: 34
Stated definitions: 4
Inferred definitions: 34
Descriptions change:  169

New concepts from SNOMED CT® January 2017 International Edition release translated: 5121


4 Technical notes

4.1 Known Issues

Known Issues are content or technical issues where the root cause is understood, and the resolution has been discussed and agreed but has yet to be implemented.  This can be due to a number of reasons, from lack of capacity within the current editing cycle, to the risk of impact to the stability of SNOMED CT if the fix were to be deployed at that stage in the Product lifecycle.  

For the SNOMED CT Managed Service - Sweden Extension May 2017, the following Known Issues were identified, and agreed to be resolved in the next editing cycle:

4.2 Technical notes






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