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(*this is provisional only and is subject to change)


Update case significance assignment following the RF2 specification

The incorrect assignment of case significance for descriptions needs to be fixed according to the RF2 specification. The issue is that the value 900000000000448009 |Entire term case insensitive| has not been used due to the data migration from RF1 and limitation of authoring tool. In fact, a majority of SNOMED CT descriptions should be ‘Entire term case insensitive’. These terms can be freely switched to lower or upper case without impact to meaning. The technical batch changes will be made to the case significance value to address the issue. Please see detail in the document at

July 2017 International Edition

Improvement to the Release package naming convention

In order to bring the current naming convention into line with the ISO8601 standard, we will add a "Z" suffix to all release package names (but not to internal file names). This will ensure that the time in the release package name is set in the correct context, namely UTC. For example therefore, instead of the July 2017 International Edition release package being called:


It will instead be called:


July 2017 International Edition