New Features/Improvements

Defects Corrected

Additional Notes

This is a maintenance release for the International Authoring Platform with significant improvements for currently prioritised authoring projects and also bringing across some updates made for the Managed Service which are of benefit to International Authoring. Some particular items to note:

Whilst this version includes some Drools rules improvements, release testing has revealed the need for further review and clarification of Drools requirements/dependencies. These will be addressed in subsequent releases.

Please also note that the following changes to RVF will be addressed in a subsequent RVF release at the earliest opportunity following this maintenance release:

Module versions

ModuleVersion TestedDeployment notes
Authoring-Services (API)5.3.0new
Drools Rules1.10new
Identity Management Service (IMS)1.1.1unchanged
MRCM Rules1.9unchanged
Orchestration Service1.35.1unchanged
SNOMED Templates1.1.6unchanged
Template Service (API)1.4.3unchanged
Terminology Server4.12.1new
Traceability Service1.0.5unchanged
TS Browser0.19unchanged