Welcome to the Substances Project Group Space!


The purpose of the Substances Project Group is to contribute and help progress specific deliverables within the Substances hierarchy Project.

Project group members are requested to:

  • Review documents and provide comments in the format directed by the author. Complete reviews to due date, review incomplete tasks, which are located in the "Incomplete tasks from all meetings" section of the Meeting Information - Substance Hierarchy page. If you are assigned a task that cannot be completed by the due date, please add a comment so that a new due date can be negotiated.
  • Review the topics on the Discussions page and respond as appropriate.
  • Raise general questions, comments, and corrections should be submitted via the "Comments" section at the bottom of the relevant page.


The scope of the project is to

  1. Provide a re-design of Substances hierarchy and document a review of previous SNOMED CT substances work.

  2. Provide a strategy and a project plan for the implementation of the re-designed hierarchy 
  3. Implement the re-designed hierarchy on content


Phuong Skovgaard and Emma Melhuish


Meeting Information - Substance Hierarchy

Face to Face

The Substances Project Group will meet during the IHTSDO Business Meeting in London in April.