New Features/Improvements 

Defects Corrected

Additional Notes

This is a maintenance release for SCA Managed Service, bringing in navigational updates from the International release of SCA for user interface consistency as well as issue fixes and improvements from author feedback.

These changes include standardisation of the application routing so that the Authoring Platform user interface now runs as the default on the domain root, with the integrated TS Browser moved to the /browser relative path. This means old bookmarks which include /sca as the relative path for the Authoring Platform need to be updated (to remove the /sca part of the path):

Denmark Managed Service

Authoring Platform home
TS Browser 

Sweden Managed Service

Authoring Platform home
TS Browser

Module versions

Front-end Version 2.0.10

Back-end Version 4.7.11

Drools Rules Version v1.6.3-ms

Orchestration Service Version 1.34

Traceability Service Version 1.0.5

RVF Version 0.1.63

TS Browser Version 0.17