This section identifies key benefits for vendors arising from implementing SNOMED CT. It summarizes general benefits that encourage adoption, procurement and deployment of SNOMED CT enabled systems. It also notes direct benefits to vendors arising from use of a common global terminology that enables effective meaning-based retrieval, facilitates mapping to ICD-10 and other classifications, and supports localization and customization to meet specific national, regional or specialty requirements. Figure 1 illustrates the benefits to hospitals and clinics who procure SNOMED CT enabled systems; it is also possible to sell SNOMED CT enabled systems to others in the figure such as governments, clinical research establishments, and health funders & providers who too can derive similar benefits.

Figure 1.Vendors benefit from the value of SNOMED CT in meeting requirements of a range of stakeholders

General Benefits of SNOMED CT

SNOMED CT supports the consistent representation of comprehensive high-quality clinical content in health records. The value of SNOMED CT is strengthened by its solid clinical validation and a design that facilitates evolutionary growth to meet emerging requirements such as data analytics.

The use of an EHR improves communication and increases the availability of relevant information. If clinical information is stored in ways that allow meaning-based retrieval, the benefits are greatly increased. The added benefits range from increased opportunities for real-time decision support to more accurate retrospective reporting for research and management, as well as enhanced data quality and consistency at the point of data collection. As a result, use of SNOMED CT benefits individual patients and clinicians as well as populations and supports evidence-based care.

SNOMED CT Enabled Health Records Benefit Individuals

SNOMED CT enabled clinical health records benefit clinicians care for individual patients by:

SNOMED CT Enabled Health Records Benefit Populations

SNOMED CT enabled clinical health records benefit policy makers interested in population health by:

SNOMED CT Enabled Health Records Support Evidence-Based Healthcare

SNOMED CT enabled health records inform evidence-based healthcare decisions by:

Consequently there can be:

These general benefits lead to SNOMED CT being increasingly included as part of clinical system procurements in Member countries and elsewhere. Population benefits arising from use of SNOMED CT may also motivate bodies responsible for governance, funding and management of healthcare provision to include it in their strategic plans. As a result, use of SNOMED CT is being increasingly recommended, incentivized or mandated to enable Members to gain the benefits of their investment in and ownership of SNOMED CT.

Strategic Benefits to Vendors

Staying Competitive and Relevant to the Market

Selling Into International Markets

Meeting Clinician Expectations

Supporting Standards

Retaining Existing Customers

Practical Benefits to Vendors

Common Terminology

Ease of Adoption

Enhanced User Interfaces

Enhanced Analytics

Using Clinical Data to Meet External Reporting Requirements

Integration of Third Party Products

Adapting to Meet Requirements