The specifies the text format and maximum length of each supported . This permits additional to be specified in future in addition to the three existing   ( , and ).

Data structure

The is a C-I ( - ) which is used to specify the length and format of the in of this . Its structure is shown in the following table.

Description format reference set - Data structure


The following metadata supports the format :

Description Format Reference Set in the Metadata Hierarchy

  900000000000454005 |Foundation metadata concept|
		900000000000455006 |Reference set|
				900000000000538005 |Description format|


The table below shows the descriptor that defines the structure of the .

Refset Descriptor rows for Description Format Reference Set


referencedComponentId (Referenced component)

attributeDescription (Attribute description)

attributeType (Attribute type)

attributeOrder (Attribute order)




Example Data

This example holds the all the members of the in the for July 2014. Other members may added to future versions of the if new are introduced. Owners of Extensions that support additional must also add members to the .


Sample Content from the Description Format Reference Set


referencedComponentId (Description type component)

descriptionFormat (Description format)

descriptionLength (Description length)




Note: The tables above omit the initial four columns of data present in the release file. These follow the standards versioning pattern , , , . Additionally, to aid understanding, the tables above also show the from one of the associated with each of the identified . The release file only contains the .