The is a that is used to specify the format of all included in a release. The data type and meaning of the referenced component and each additional field within each is described by this .

descriptor can be used to define

This allows for a to be validated using the metadata embedded within the descriptor in the following ways:

Data structure

The is a - - Integer that specifies the structure of reference sets. Its structure is shown in the following table.

Reference set descriptor reference set - Data structure

At least one row must exist for each included in a release. This row must have an value of '0' and an of ' type' (or one of its ). The identifies the defined by the descriptor.

There is one additional row for each additional column present in the specified .

Creation of descriptor data is mandatory when creating a new in the or in a .

Creation of a descriptor is optional when creating a in another . If a descriptor is not created, the descriptor of the closest of the is used when validating member records.


The following metadata in the |Foundation metadata | supports the descriptor .

The Descriptor is specified by the in the metadata hierarchy.

Reference Set Descriptor Concept in the Metadata Hierarchy

Values in the are populated from:

Reference Set Attribute Metadata Hierarchy

Descriptor Template

The table below shows the descriptor that defines the structure of the . Note that this descriptor is itself part of the   that it describes!

Refset Descriptor rows for


referencedComponentId (Referenced component)

attributeDescription (Attribute description)

attributeType (Attribute type)

attributeOrder (Attribute order)