The holds one per row. Each is of a particular type, and has a source and a destination An example of a is given below: where:

Relationship file - Detailed specification

Only one record with the same id field will be current at any point in time. The current record will be the one with the most recent effectiveTime before or equal to the point in time under consideration.

If the field of this record is false ('0'), then the is at that point in time. If the field is true ('1'), then there is a between the identified by and .

The , , , , characteristicTypeIdand will not change between two rows with the same id, in other words they are immutable. Where a change is required to one of these fields, then the current row will be de-activated (by appending a row with the same id and the field set to false) and a new row with a new id will be appended.

The field is used to group with the same field into one or more logical sets. A with a field value of '0' is considered not to be grouped. All with the same and non-zero are considered to be logically grouped.

The field will be an unsigned , and will not be limited to a single digit value. There is no guarantee that they will be assigned sequentially, and the values will not be unique across

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