The SNOMED CT Starter Guide is a practical and useful starting point from which anyone with a general interest in healthcare information can begin learning about SNOMED CT.

This Starter Guide is particularly relevant to people from various disciplines who are interested in capture, use, retrieval and analysis of clinical information. The guide introduces the role that SNOMED CT can play in enhancing this clinical information life cycle to support more effective delivery of care to patients and populations. This includes people involved with planning and deciding to proceed and resource a SNOMED CT implementation, people involved in reference set development, terminology management, technical implementation and all aspects of deployment and use. It also includes people involved in clinical information retrieval, analyses, decision support and other aspects of knowledge representation.

The Starter Guide is designed for anyone who wants to gain an initial understanding of SNOMED CT.While it does not offer in depth knowledge, it does provide an authoritative foundation and an overview of relevant topics with reference to resources that allow further study.

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