Documentation on general use of the mapping tool user interface.


Following are some general features of the application and how they work.

Logging In

The login screen for the application provides the opportunity to either enter a username/password or to use the application as a "guest".




Logging in is required to access SPECIALIST, LEAD, or ADMIN capabilities.  Using the "View Maps" button will allow a user to interact as a VIEWER and see information about public projects, including map project details and map records.

Header and Footer

Each page of the application has a header and a footer that float at the top and bottom of the page.  

                                                   <APPLICATION CONTENT>

The header contains this info:

The footer contains this info:

Switching Focus Project

The application always keeps track of the current focus project.  In any view, the focus project determines what information is available for display and interaction.  To change the focus project, click on the focus project control and choose the desired project.

Here, you can see there are 4 projects in total in the system, with the current focus project set to "SNOMED to ICD10".  

NOTE: It is recommended that you change the focus project from the dashboard screen as behavior is somewhat undefined for certain other screens.

Role-based Dashboard

Once a user is logged in, the landing page is a "dashboard" tailored to the role of that user.  There are therefore 4 different dashboard configurations with lists of default widgets included. See more information about widgets on Dashboard Widgets.

Viewing Map Project Details

To view map project details, click on the "Project Details" button in the "Map project widget".  This opens a view summarizing the map project details.  The amount of information shown and whether it is editable is determined by project role.


Viewing Map Records for a Project

To view map project details, click on the "Map Records" button in the "Map project widget".  This opens a view listing the map records with searching and paging capabilities.  VIEWERs see only published records without map notes,  SPECIALISTs also see their own in-progress records and map notes.  LEADs and ADMINs see all map records and notes for the focus project.

Viewing Mappings for a Concept 

To view mappings for a project, click on a concept id anywhere in the application.  For example, in the view above, search for 100191000119105 in the map records view and click on the concept id.  This opens a view listing the current state of the map record for this concept in this project.  It also has a widget to show prior history of this record, so a SPECIALIST or LEAD could see edits that had been made along the way leading up to the latest version of the record.  VIEWERs would only see prior publication states if they were different.