This page documents the use of reporting tools.



These tools are used to generate and remove reports. The report generator can be wired to an automation (continuous integration server or cron job) to run daily and generate reports.  The remover tool can be used to remove reports.  It is recommended to periodically run this to remove very old reports from the past to prevent the volume of report data from growing out of control.  Typically at the beginning of an editing cycle it would be recommended to remove reports more than two years old


Following are some details about these tools:

Mojo: ReportGenerateDailyMojo.java (in admin/mojo/src/main/resources/java/org/ihtsdo/otf/mapping/mojo)

Project: admin/loader

Configuration Parameters

Mojo: ReportRemoverMojo.java (in admin/mojo/src/main/resources/java/org/ihtsdo/otf/mapping/mojo)

Project: admin/remove

Configuration Parameters


Sample command line call to generate for refset id 447563008 for a date:

% cd mapping-parent/admin/loader
% set date = `/bin/date +%Y%m%d` 
% mvn install -Drun.config=/home/ihtsdo/config/config.properties -PGenerateDailyReports -Drefset.id=447563008 -Dstart.date=$date


Sample command line call to clear reports for refset id 447563008:


% cd mapping-parent/admin/remover
% mvn install -Drun.config=/home/ihtsdo/config/config.properties -PReports Drefset.id=447563008 


Sample Eclipse run configuration to generate for refset id 447563008 for a date:

Sample Eclipse run configuration to clear reports for refset id 447563008: