This page documents the use of Workflow tools.



These tools are used to clear and compute worfklow states.  The "compute workflow" operation starts by clearing the workflow for that project so the other tools rarely needed.

Workflow should be recomputed any time the scope concepts may have changed, or external processes may have modified workflow in some way.


Following are some details about these tools:

Mojo: ComputeWorkflowLoaderMojo.java (in admin/mojo/src/main/resources/java/org/ihtsdo/otf/mapping/mojo)

Project: admin/loader

Configuration Parameters


Mojo: ClearWorkflowRemoverMojo.java (in admin/mojo/src/main/resources/java/org/ihtsdo/otf/mapping/mojo)

Project: admin/remove

Configuration Parameters


Sample command line call to compute workflow for refset id 447563008 (and send notification):

% cd ~/code/admin/loader
% mvn install -Drun.config=/home/ihtsdo/config/config.properties -PComputeWorkflow -Drefset.id=447563008 -Dsend.notification=true


Sample command line call to clear workflow for refset id 447563008:


% cd ~/code/admin/remover
% mvn install -Drun.config=/home/ihtsdo/config/config.properties -PClearWorkflow -Drefset.id=447563008


Sample Eclipse run configuration to compute workflow for refset id 447563008:


Sample Eclipse run configuration to clear workflow for refset id 447563008:


These tools are safe to re-run.  If anything goes wrong computing workflow states, simply clear them and compute it again.