This resource file contains two unmaintained lexical resource files and a document that provides the file specifications and notes on use to support searching. One of these files is the ExcludedWords file that contains a list of English language stop-words that it may be helpful to exclude from searches. The other is the WordEquivalents file that can be used to extend searches to include alternative words with similar meanings.
A resource file containing templates to support use of the diagramming guidelines (see SNOMED CT Diagramming Guideline on Release Documents tab of the Document Library).
A PERL script to generate a tab-delimited transitive closure file from the sct2_Relationship_Snapshot_[Version].txt release file. The downloaded zip file contains the script and documentation.
Examples supporting the SNOMED CT Expression Constraint Specification and Guide.
3RF2 MySQL Import and OptimizeAn SQL scripts for importing the SNOMED CT International Edition Full Release files to a MySQL database. This script also include a variety of defined SQL views that provide an optimization for SQL queries accessing a specified Snapshot. The downloaded zip file contains the script and documentation.Download
2SNOMED CT Database LoaderImport scripts for International Edition Release files to a MySQL or Postgres database. The link takes you to a GitHub page listing the available script options. Imports all the files for Full, Shapshot and/or Delta tables. Does not include the indexing and optimization views the Go to GitHub

List of SNOMED CT Edition URIs

A list of national and international SNOMED CT edition URIs, with a link to each associated distribution service.Go to page