Released November 23, 2020

SNOMED International has released a series of videos that demonstrate the value that a healthcare system is deriving from implementing and using SNOMED CT.

The first chapter of the SNOMED CT Value Series, which focuses on New Zealand’s Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB), highlights the advances the organization has made in realizing its vision of a connected, integrated system that supports the country’s Healthy Ageing strategy and enables it to better serve its population. 

There is more energy than ever in rolling out SNOMED CT as a key clinical information standard for an equitable New Zealand health and disability system, one that is data-driven and digitally enabled. 

SNOMED CT: A piece of the digital health ecosystem as CDHB realizes multiple benefits

  • 30 percent lower emergency department use than the national average
  • 30 percent lower acute medical admission rate than the national average
  • Held 2019 bed use to same numbers as in 2007 while serving a population that had grown by 80,000
  • Identified vertebral fracture patients who had not received care or whose cases had been misclassified
  • Saved a year of clinician time by automating previously manual processes
  • Interoperable across best-of-breed systems
  • Ability to link clinical tools via a SNOMED code
  • Ability to search for pathways and hierarchies and improved user search experience

Read the full release and learn more about the Value Series.  Contact with any inquiries.