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Dentistry Special Interest Group


Saturday, April 16, 2016 9am-5pm

Sunday April 17, 2016 9AM-12:30PM


Please inform me if you will not be attending in person but wish to participate via go to meeting.  II need to inform the meeting organizers as soon as possible.  Please email me at if you need GTM access.







1)       Attendance and regrets

2)       Brief review of March 23, 2016 meeting

  1. Were people not fully aware or were there conflicts
  2. Meeting announcement that can be put into a calendar?  (Google or Outlook?)

3)       Review status of action items created during February 2016 meeting

4)       Editors update

  1. Confluence updates
  2. New editing format for editors and whether we can do to assist
  3. Status of changing submission methodology
  4. Other items

5)       Update on IHTSDO

  1. Business meeting in April
  2. Annual meeting in October
  3. Other issues that Professional SIGS need to be aware of?

6)       Review of potential ref set for general dentistry terms

  1. Please provide feedback on whether this might be useful to you in your geographic region.
  2. Please provide feedback on whether you can identify any significant “gaps” in need for your geographic region.
  3. Decision on advancing this for consideration as an official refset within IHTSDO

7)       Discussion on appropriateness of possibly developing a similar set for populating the odontogram.  Include a brief report and demonstration from Jorn Andre Jorgensen

  1. Again, is this geographically useful?
  2. Based on previous discussions and Jorn Andre status report, are there any gaps you can identify?
  3. Shall we advance this as a work item for the Dentistry SIG?

8)       Review of feedback received on caries terms

  1. No feedback received, yet several people have expressed interest in reviewing current t erms for usefulness, language, and validity today. 
    1. Do we need a better/different format?
    2. Is this better as a subcommittee
    3. Shall we look at these in the various dental areas/specialties or is there a better way to organize?
  2. Review and comments on current caries spreadsheet
    1. Editors to guide us on what they need for various changes we may wish to make
    2. Is there a template we can use for requesting changes or do we use SIRS?

9)       Review of status of 2015-16 work plan

  1. What have we completed
  2. What are we close to completing
  3. What may need to flow into 2016-17 work plan.

10)   Recommendations for 2016-17 work plan

  1. Jorn Andre has suggested a ref set or similar for the odontogram development
  2. Mark J has suggested a possible set of terms for a medical history frequently used in dentistry
  3. Several have expressed interest in reviewing current SNOMED CT terms related to dentistry and “cleaning up” the terms, much like we are doing with the caries project.
  4. Other suggestions
  5. Develop tentative work plan for posting, further comments, and final vote during our June teleconference.

11)   Review of current submissions in progress for potential July 2016 release

  1. Some of these terms appear to have been older requests and we may need to change them before final addition or we may be “cleaning up” some of these after the fact. 

12)   Other ongoing business

13)   Any new business

14)   Future meetings

  1. Teleconferences remain on the first Wednesday of June and then every other month.
  2. SIG verification of whether we have an in person meeting in October in New Zealand

15)   Adjourn