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Using SNOMED CT in Health Information Exchange- A dental project

Agenda item 9




Dentist A is sending a referral to dentist B, who has not previously seen the patient.

For example:   referral to perform endo retreatment


The message will be sent through an encrypted and authorized mail system for health professionals, created by the government.  (Belgium) Dr. Delaeter can describe this exchange system more thoroughly for us


We are creating an electronic form in our different dental software packages.

In the message, underlying, in xml, we want to send the patient’s personal data   (inclusive of social security number) AND the odontogram  (I will ask Jean Narcisi to describe the current status of HL7 messaging in this circumstance and what might be available in the future for dentistry)


Result:   software program of dentist B receives the message and automatically creates the patient health record in de software system of dentist B (true interoperability).   Electronic Dental record for Dentist B would receive the information from the web service system developed by the government.


While creating the dental record, the missing teeth,   present endodontic treatments, implants,   crowns, pontics,   and any removable prosthetics are populated to the record system used by Dentist B.






Are there any rules in structuring such xml messages?


Is structuring of this kind a task for dentistry sig?  (or at least the terminology portion of it?  Again, several members of the SIG can likely comment on this and how SNOMED CT and this specific use case fits into the various standards development organizations work (such as ISO TC215, HL7, etc.)


In addition to the above questions that Dr. Delaeter wishes to discuss, I would add:

Do electronic dental records systems that you are familiar with have this data in a structured format?

If so, is this data extractable from the system in either xml or another format?

Within SNOMED CT, do we have enough depth in our demographic/patient information to cover the needs of this exchange?