Attached please find a briefing note that was sent to the Member Forum to update them on the establishment and activities of the Devices Working Group.  For further reference, this project group's Confluence space is located at:

Please contact with any inquiries. 

Hello Modeling Advisory Group and interested observers.

After running a Doodle poll last month, a clear preference for having our next call on Monday 15 July was established.   The 20:00 UTC choice of time was set as our usual sweet spot between US, UK and Australia so apologies for those in central Europe as it's a late call!

We will use the standard zoom call link -

If you could, please have a check over the agenda 2019-07-15 - Full MAG Meeting (Conf call) as well as referenced pages and bring up any questions in the comments now so that we're hopefully all on the same page in time for the call.

I'll post out a Google Calendar invite.   Any observers are welcome to request to be added to this.

Best Wishes,


Hello Modeling Advisory Group.

Yong and I have put the agenda together for our call at 20:00 UTC next week and it would be much appreciated if you could review this, follow up on any required reading and make any suggestions for change in good time:  2019-01-14 - Full MAG Meeting (Conf call).

Also thinking ahead to our April meeting, something we're going to be challenged on this year is our use of time and resources, so we're looking at our overlap with other groups and also what concrete deliverables we're planning.

Looking forward to speaking to you all next week, best wishes, Peter

Dear all

On-going status of the project can be tracked using following links in the correct sequence as advised below. The first link will show you the JIRA tickets, which are either completed or in progress. Each ticket documents progress of a a sub-hierarchy or part of it, by using the second link you can track the Clinical findings, the JIRA tickets refer to. For example Qi-20 about 125666000 |Burn| is completed, by searching for "125666000" in the daily build on the second link, you will find what had been done to "Burn"

  1. QI Scope, Process, Progress and Risk#ClinicalFindingsQIScope,ProcessandRisk-5.Progress

If you have any question please contact or 


SNOMED Content team

DRUGS Briefing update

Updated briefing: Briefing note - Implications of describing liquid dose form product concepts v2, can be found on second table of this page Reference Documentation - Drug Model

Hello all, apologies for not getting this out earlier, hopefully I've caught you before you jump on a plane!

If I can ask you all to look over the agenda first of all:  2018-10-15 & 17 - Face to Face MAG Meeting (Vancouver)

The agenda is not set in stone, so please do get back to me with any suggestions for additional items or changes in priority.

Within the agenda, you will find the following links.  It would be great if you could have a look through these and add any compelling comments which we can then be ready to discuss or resolve on Monday & Wednesday:

SCT Logic Profile:
SCT OWL Guide:   Please note, the Necessary Normal Form (NNF) is covered in the section 2.5. 

Safe travels and looking forward to seeing you all in Vancouver!

Best Wishes,

Dear all

This is a follow-up email on the DEMO release announcement to inform you that it includes Drugs and Substances. It is a demonstration of use of axioms on role, we don't expect feedback from you. The DEMO release will be taken down on 05-OCT-2018, and the content will be officially released in the International Release schedule for 31-JAN-2019. 

Please bear in mind that all "in-working-progress" documents are not accessible at this point in time, they will be released by 31-JAN-2019 together with the content. The changes in this Demo release can be viewed here

Please let me know if you need further information.

Best regards,

Dear MAG members, thank you for filling in our Doodle poll.   The above date/time has been selected for our next conference call.   

MAG members should have received a doodle poll request today, to agree a time for our next full conference call.

If you have not received this email, we probably hold an old address for you in our mailing list.   Please email me directly if this is the case.

Here's the link to the doodle poll:

Best Wishes, Peter

As advised at the April 2018 Business Meeting in London, the new SNOMED OWL Toolkit now has support for also converting SNOMED CT Extensions in RF2 into OWL.


Please feedback any issues via the GitHub issues page.

Great work Kai!

Most Drug and Substance changes have been presented in the recent Alpha release, however the numbers are still evolving and will likely change before the final version of the release notes are generated in July. Some of the changes include Use of additional Axioms, which is explained in details in this briefing 

Briefing note - Use of Additional Axiom Functionality and Remodeling Product Roles.pdf 

Briefing note - Implications of describing liquid dose form product concepts using presentation strength.pdf

As part of the work being done for the DL Enhancements, documentation has been generated to describe the new Necessary Normal Form:

MAG Members are invited to review this documentation and submit any comments at their earliest convenience.

The next full MAG meeting by conference call will take place on Thursday 25 January from 20:00 UTC - 21:30 UTC.

Zoom connection:

The agenda will take form here:  2018-01-25 - Full MAG Meeting (Conf call)

Most Drug and Substance changes have been done, however the numbers are still evolving and will likely change before the final version of the release notes are generated in November. This is to be presented to Member Forum and has been released to the Project Group for review, advisory group members wishing to view or comment can find further details in Drug Position statement and Substances briefings

Substance Disposition updates have been presented to Member Forum and been released to the Project Group for review, advisory group members wishing to view or comment on the document can find further details under the Documentation section on the Substances Confluence site