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Linda Bird and Anne Højen (SNOMED International)


SNOMED CT National Release Centers (NRCs), vendors, software developers and data analysts


The July 2019 International release contains one of the biggest changes to the structure of SNOMED CT since RF2, with a move away from stated relationships to OWL. The description logic enhancements made in this release enable improvements to the quality and usefulness of SNOMED CT, while at the same time reducing the maintenance burden of an ever increasing body of content.

This tutorial will explore the design changes introduced in the July 2019 release, and will explain the impact of these changes.


After attending this tutorial, the participant should be able to:

  • Describe the design changes in the July 2019 SNOMED CT international release
  • Explain the benefits of these design changes
  • Understand the impact of these changes to different user groups


Tutorial Handout

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