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April Business Meeting, Tuesday, 9th, April 2019

Clinical input into the development of SNOMED CT ensures that the terminology meets current and future clinical requirements. These activities form part of the broader approach of Clinical Engagement. The session aims to showcase the work currently underway within SNOMED International and the broader clinical SNOMED CT community. The aim is to share current practice and work in progress to support future developments that will provide SNOMED CT with the clinical input it requires supporting the global clinical community of practice.

Useful links:

Clinical portal (Clinical Engagement Confluence site - Clinical Engagement

Introduction to clinical reference groups (CRG's) - Introduction - Clinical Reference Groups

Clinical directory - Directory - Clinical Reference Groups

Future SNOMED clinical meetings will be announced via the SNOMED International website -

Agenda items


Links to documentation

Clinical engagement strategy

Ian Green

Introduction to team

Ian Green

Engaging clinicians – CRGs

Jane Millar

Input from Dentistry CRGs    

Jorn Jorgensen

Working with clinical reference groups

Penni Hernandez

Clinical Engagement Work plan

Ian Green

Education (Overview and future)

Ian Green

Current Education resources

Linda Bird

Benefits of SNOMED CT from a clinical perspective, Rotherham experience

Monica Jones

Panel discussion  


Clinical use cases

Developing clinical SNOMED CT subsets

Zac Whitewood-Moore

Using emergency medicine set in clinical practice

Barts Health Clinical Lead

Using SNOMED CT as part of clinical care and clinical decision support

Charles Gutteridge

Panel discussion 


SNOMED CT and analysis – data analytics tool (subsumption testing)

Charles Gutteridge  and Peter Hendler


Link to YouTube video of SNOMED and Data Analytics

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