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Table 2.1.1-1 specifies the content of each of the Release Format 2 Release Types .

This table is followed by illustrations of each of the Release Types using the small same pattern of content development over seven release cycles. These illustrations highlight the key differences and the Relationships between the Release Types .

Table 2.1.1-1: SNOMED CT Release Types


The files representing each type of component contain every version of every component ever released.


The files representing each type of component contain one version of every component released up to the time of the snapshot. The version of each component contained in a snapshot is the most recent version of that component at the time of the snapshot.


The files representing each type of component contain only component versions created since the previous release. Each component version in a delta release represents either a new component or a change to an existing component.

The seven columns in each of the following illustrations represent the content of seven releases (numbered 1-7). Each component is identified by a letters (A-K). A component version is represented by the identifying letter followed by a number (1-7) representing the release cycle in which that component version became effective.

Figure 2.1.1-1 shows the content of a series of full releases. The yellow background color highlights the set of component versions that are also present in the snapshot for the same release version ( see Figure 2.1.1-3). component versions are shown in gray in releases versions after they have been superseded by a new component version. Newly added component versions, shown in red, are also present in the delta for the same release version (see Figure 2.1.1-2).

The content of the full release in any chosen version is identical to the combined content of all the snapshot releases up to and including that version. Thus adding a delta release to the previous version of the full release creates the full release for the new version. The snapshot release is derived from the full release by removing all except the most recent version of each component .


Figure 2.1.1-1: Full release illustration


Figure 2.1.1-2: Delta release illustration


Figure 2.1.1-3: Snapshot release illustration

Note: In a real SNOMED CT release each of the letters A-K would be replaced by a component id (a SNOMED CT identifier) and each of the release cycle numbers 1-7 would be replaced by the effectiveTime of a release version .

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