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20:00 UTC on Tuesday 2 October 2018 - 90 minutes.


  • Bindings to FHIR Clinical Resources (e.g. value set bindings)

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Phone: See for available phone numbers (meeting id 242-348-6949)

Chat: #snomed-on-fhir

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1Welcome and introductions5

Recording + Notes.


October Business Meeting (Working Group)

and Expo presentations

  • Check slot for Jeremy's presentation.
  • Check timing for working meeting possibly after presentations.

Summary of previous week


Summary of previous week - N/A

Discussion on regrouping/planning during Vancouver meeting.

Option to allow TB to take over the TS space not seen as terribly viable - leave as fortnightly.

4Presentation on FHIR CIMI & SOLOR10

Any update or further discussion from last session's CIMI / SOLOR Presentation?

  • Isosemantic models were not discussed. Multiple bindings (CodeSystems) for the same set of models.
5Free SNOMED CT Set for FHIR30

Free SNOMED CT set for FHIR

6Vital Signs50Daniel Karlsson

Vital Signs Resource

Jeremy's work to compare Vital signs profile and SNOMED Subhierarchy - issues with eg blood pressure. Complex expression constraints available which cover the use of observables by the NHS(UK). Mapping to LOINC codes.

See Spreadsheet attached to: SNOMED on FHIR Meeting (TB) - Tuesday 21 August 2018

Issues / Discussion :

  • Normative vs. descriptive purpose - 1, 2, or 3 profiles?
  • Unresolved modeling issues





v3.4.0 (publication Aug 19?)



Neither of these exist in the FHIR 3.0.1 Spec. Rob Hausam


  • What determines which FHIR resource to use: the location of the data item in the sending system’s information model, or the semantics of the particular code regardless of where it was found? Some hybrid of both?
  • If the resource to be used is determined at least partly by the location in the sending information model, how does a requesting system cope with the fact that different implementations (or different users of the same implementation) both can and do secrete essentially the same clinical info in very different parts of the host information model?
8Next meeting5

Will be cancelled due to the SNOMED International Business Meeting and Expo.

Revisit any outstanding questions on Allergies.

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