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Quality Types: Structural, Clinical and Content Growth, where the focus in on new, updated, alignments with a standard and collaboration.

2018Project ScopeDeliverablesRelease

Normalisation of concept model - all concepts will be modelled in the proximal primitive parent style to transform concepts with fully defined proximal parents. There are 224,469 (189,121 simple, 35,348 complex) concepts.

  1. Pilot was completed on 46866001 |Fracture of lower limb (disorder)|
  2. Planning of the whole project
  3. 18 templates have been created and will be implemented in SCT authoring tool
  4. Patterns were identified and analysed in 20,000 SCT concepts
  5. 5612 Clinical findings have been quality improved
  6. 27,014 concepts in the remaining of SCT have been quality improved
Completed Jan 2019

Please visit QI Project for latest updates

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