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20:00 UTC on Tuesday 29 May 2018 - 90 minutes.


  • FHIR Terminology Services and Resources

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Phone: See for available phone numbers (meeting id 242-348-6949)

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Dion McMurtrieRob Hausam


Peter G. WilliamsJane Millar

Meeting Recording

Meeting chat:

00:36:17 Michael Lawley: Also, this thread is relevant:
00:37:19 Peter Jordan: Apologies, have to leave to attend meeting at NZ MoH. Peter J
00:38:13 Michael Lawley: Specifically “The display in a Coding must be taken from the underlying code system definition”
00:40:48 Andrew Perry: A description may come from a local extension, published for example by a supplier in their namespace that may not be shared.
01:31:55 Michael Lawley: Relevant thread for the expansion and post coordination discussion

Discussion items



OwnerNotes & Actions
1Welcome and introductions5

Recording + Notes.

2Summary of previous week5
3$validate-code behaviour20
4Main item for discussion60SNOMED CT canonical CodeSystem resource
  • Review and attempt to resolve detail questions
  • Issue around extensions and what this CodeSystem resource actually represents
5Current items10
  • SNOMED CT "Universal" Edition
    • Definitely useful to have a catalogue of all concepts ever issued if not a proper edition which may be much harder?
    • Is this work for this group, or should this be handed on to a more appropriate SI group?
  • Check and fix ECL in the FHIR spec
    • Is there a way to systematically identify all ECL expressions in the FHIR spec?
    • If we run these through validation is there appetite/volunteers to review and fix them as feedback to the spec?
    • Is there a way to integrate ECL validation into the FHIR spec tooling to prevent recurrence?
  • Rob Hausam to progress Michael's tracker item on this issue.
  • Normal form and normal form terse definition
  • Rob Hausam to progress returning NormalFormTerse to the page.
  • Linda Bird to progress defining Terse Normal Form with the Family of Languages group (Rob Hausam confirms needed for July)
    • SLPG agreed that the Languages group is not the appropriate forum for this definition. Instead, we believe this should be defined in the DL subgroup of the Modelling Advisory Group.
    • Also agreed that the terms that need defining are "Canonical Normal Form" (which is terse by definition) and "Necessary Long Normal Form"

Review of "Using SNOMED with FHIR" page


All participants are invited to review this local copy of that page.

  • Section suggestion that we terse Normal Form properties (Peter J disagreed). Clarity needed on which Normal Form is being represented (eg breaking sufficiently defined concepts down to their primitive components, unlike what is supplied in the browser). Further discussion needed on what these properties are being used for. Perhaps only 1 is necessary since terms can be added/removed as required
  • Supplements are a possible way to allow language reference set type functionality.
7Review of TS Collaborative Work5Collaborative Work

Any other business

Next Meeting: Tuesday 12 June

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