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New Features/Improvements

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Validation report assertion changes since last release

All platforms

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International only

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Managed Service only

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Additional Notes

This is the first scheduled maintenance release of 2018, focused on resolving legacy backlog issues and technical debt accrued through previous releases for the International and Managed Service Authoring platforms. 

A prioritised MRCM update (Version1.20) for the International Authoring Platform was also deployed with this release. An MRCM update (Version 1.16) was also deployed for the Managed Service, to align with content dependencies following versioning for the latest public release of SNOMED CT (January 2018). Projects should be rebased, and then any current tasks rebased from the project to pick MRCM changes. Once the project has been rebased, new tasks within that project will inherently use the updated MRCM rules.

Please note the edit panel Task Details context tab now presents a new button: Begin Promotion Automation. This invokes chained automation of the rebase-classify-promote process - if no action is needed then it will proceed to automatically promote the task to the project. If a review has not been completed, the usual promotion warning will be presented - choosing Promote Anyway will resume the automated process, and Return to Task will stop the automated process. If a rebase is required it will invoke that as if the Rebase button was pressed and stop the flow until that is resolved. If rebase is not needed, it will then automatically invoke a classification as if the Classify button was pressed and stop the flow until that is resolved. If no classification results are found the task will then be automatically promoted as if the Promote This Task to the Project was pressed.

There is a known issue in this release if the author navigates away from the rebase screen after starting a project rebase, which results in the rebase not completing - the simple workaround is to stay on the rebase screen until it completes. Task rebases are not affected.

Release Overview - Demo (zoom call recording)

Module versions in this deployment

ModuleVersionDeployment notes
Authoring-Services (API)5.5.1unchanged
Classification-Service (International)1.1.6new
Drools Rules1.17new
MRCM Rules (International)1.20new
MRCM Rules (Managed Service)1.16new
Orchestration Service1.37.1unchanged
SNOMED Templates1.2.1unchanged
Template Service (API)1.4.3unchanged
Terminology Server5.11.6new
Traceability Service1.1.1unchanged
TS Browser0.20new

 Related dependencies for information

ModuleVersionInfo/context notes
Identity Management Service (IMS)1.2.1unchanged
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