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New Features/Improvements

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Additional Notes

This release adds new features for Description Logic support in the International platform alongside a number of issue fixes and improvements related to both International and Managed Service. It establishes a 2018 baseline marking the first release to both the International and Managed Service platforms from a single consolidated version - these release notes now apply to both platforms. Also from this version onwards, each release version will be deployed to both platforms usually within a few days, albeit subject to the following configuration differences:

  • The Managed Service MRCM Rules will inherently always be an earlier version than International, matched to dependencies in the current International public release of SNOMED CT, since the International version includes MRCM changes and dependencies needed for the next SNOMED CT release authoring cycle.
  • The Managed Service will continue to use the established internal Terminology Server classifier, rather than the external Classification-Service recently introduced for the International Authoring Platform, until relevant content dependencies become available to MS NRC extensions through an appropriate SNOMED CT International public release.

Due to some of the changes in the classification service to support the DL features, some additional results may initially appear in classification reports until relevant changes are promoted to MAIN and become available to projects/tasks via rebase. The relevant changes are being reviewed for promotion to MAIN as soon as possible after this deployment.

Release Overview - Demo (zoom call recording)

Module versions in this deployment

ModuleVersionDeployment notes
Authoring-Services (API)5.5.1unchanged
Classification-Service (International)1.1.5new
Drools Rules1.16unchanged
MRCM Rules (International)1.16unchanged
MRCM Rules (Managed Service)1.12unchanged
Orchestration Service1.37.1new
SNOMED Templates1.2.1unchanged
Template Service (API)1.4.3unchanged
Terminology Server5.11.4new
Traceability Service1.1.1new
TS Browser0.19unchanged

 Related dependencies for information

ModuleVersionInfo/context notes
Identity Management Service (IMS)1.2.1unchanged


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