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Overview of Current Notices

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ItemsProposed improvement

Planned Release date

(*this is provisional only and is subject to change)


Revision of IS A relationships for anaotmy concepts 

The new anatomy concept model has implemented the new Description Logic features, e.g. reflective and transitive property, general concept axioms, for consistent logical modeling. However, the new model cannot be implemented in production because these DL features currently are not available in production. The implementation of them will depend on the enhanced logic profile for SNOMED CT which is under development by the Modeling AG. Yet, the inferred IS A relationship from the OWL anatomy ontology can be reviewed and implemented in the production. This will utilise the outcomes of the new anatomy model as well as evaluate the design of the new model. In particular, it is important to review the changes of IS-A relationships in anatomy for quality assurance and minimise impact to other hierarchies, such as disorders, procedures, observables, situations etc.

The first subject area is concepts under skin structure. Majority changes are completed in the January 2018 release. The rest will be completed in July 2018 release.

The subject area for IS A revision in July 2018 will be determined and updated in the following confluence page.

July 2018 International Edition

Improvement to the Release package naming convention

In order to ensure that the status of each package is correctly identified, we will be capitalising the third element of the naming convention. For example therefore, instead of the January 2018 International Edition release package being called:

It will instead be called:

Alpha/Beta releases will be called:

This should have no impact on most users, this is provided for visibility of anyone who's upload routine might be case-sensitive.

January 2018 International Edition

Improvement to the Release file naming convention for the Asssociation Reference file

In order to improve the description of this file, we will be updating the file naming convention from:



'der2_cRefset_AssociationSnapshot_INT_*.txt' of the January 2018 International Edition

January 2018 International Edition

Summary of Drug Changes The following describes some of the deliverables scheduled for the January 2018 that continue to contribute to the delivery of this Strategy:

NOTE: Numbers are still evolving and will likely change before the final version of the release notes are generated.

New hierarchies

  • Basic dose form (basic dose form): New concepts created (n ≈ 150)
  • Dose form administration method (administration method): New concepts created (n ≈ 10)
  • Dose form intended site (intended site): New concepts created (n ≈ 25)
  • Dose form release characteristic (release characteristic): New concepts created (n ≈ 10)
  • Dose form transformation (transformation): New concepts created (n ≈ 5)
  • Pharmaceutical dose form (dose form):
    • New concepts created (n ≈ TBD)
    • Concepts remodeled (n ≈ TBD)
  • State of matter (state of matter): New concepts created (n ≈ 5)

New semantic tags 

  • (administration method)
  • (basic dose form)
  • (dose form)
  • (intended site)
  • (release characteristic)
  • (state of matter)
  • (transformation)

New attribute types

  • Has basic dose form
  • Has concentration strength denominator unit
  • Has concentration strength denominator value
  • Has concentration strength numerator unit
  • Has concentration strength numerator value
  • Has dose form administration method
  • Has dose form intended site
  • Has dose form release characteristic
  • Has dose form transformation
  • Has state of matter

Attribute type changes (for existing attributes) None

Grouper None

Medicinal product (MP) Updated ≈ 1100 existing concepts in accordance with new modeling and/or terming guidelines

  • Existing concept IDs, stated parents and definition status were retained
  • Missing |Has active ingredient| attributes were added; errors in existing content were corrected as they were identified

Medicinal product form (MPF) Negligible number of changes

Clinical drug (CD) Updated ≈ 3000 existing concepts changing terming from "Product containing X" to "Product containing only X"

Note that the terming for these concepts was updated in the 2017-July release to reflect "Product containing X"; upon advice from the Working Group, we elected to notify the Member Forum, Project Group, and Working Group of the retraction/substitution rather than inactivate/replace these concepts

New or updated concepts to support future simple map refset development    

For SNOMED CT to EDQM simple map refset:

  • 741068007|SNOMED CT to European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare simple map reference set module (core metadata concept)
  • 735233007|European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare simple map reference set (foundation metadata concept)

For SNOMED CT to UCUM simple map refset:

  • 741814003|SNOMED CT to Unified Code for Units of Measure simple map reference set module (core metadata concept)
  • 733900009|Unified Code for Units of Measure simple map reference set (foundation metadata concept)

Documentation created or updated including:

  • Position Statement
  • Briefing Paper re: update terming for Clinical Drug concepts changing "Product containing X" to "Product containing only X"
  • Editorial Guidelines for Modeling and Terming for Dose Form related hierarchies, including identification of |Pharmaceutical dose form| concepts to be used for modeling concepts in the International Release moving forward
  • Editorial Guidelines for Modeling and Terming for Product hierarchy

General content maintenance including:

  • Inactivation of concepts that are missing strength denominator (incomplete)
  • Inactivation of concepts that refer to color (out of scope)
  • Inactivation of concepts containing caplet (out of scope)
  • Inactivation of concepts containing "controlled-release" (ambiguous)
TBC (ongoing)
5Summary of Substances Changes

New hierarchies: Disposition (disposition)

New semantic tags (disposition)

New attribute types Has disposition

Is modification of

Attribute type changes Populated |Has disposition| grouper (n ≈ 150)

Groupers Updated modeling, definition status, and terming for groupers representing disposition (n ≈ 150) with associated change in stated parents for existing descendants (n ≈ 9000)

Briefing papers:

Documentation created or updated including:

  • Editorial Guidelines for Modeling and Terming for Substance hierarchy
  • Editorial Guidelines for Modeling and Terming for Disposition concepts

General content maintenance including:

  • Addition of X concepts as a result of gap analysis to identify missing concepts representing hydrates.
  • Addition of X concepts to represent substances as a result of content requests, new drug approvals, or gaps identified internally.
where X will be updated in the next week or so.
TBC (ongoing)
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