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20:00 UTC on Tuesday 12 December 2017 - 90 minutes.


  • FHIR Terminology Services and Resources

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1Welcome and introductions5

 Recording + Notes.

 Requests for calendar invites to

2Summary of previous week5

Update on Profiles and SNOMED Implementation Guide5
3Review of "Using SNOMED with FHIR" page15
All participants are invited to review this local copy of that page prior to our next Terminology Services meeting on 12 December 2017.  We should then be in a position to present a consolidated position back to HL7.
4Deprecated SNOMED RT Identifiers25

Current issue relating to old deprecated SNOMED International / SNOMED RT codes : that SNOMED International and/or individuals may have a position on.

The specific thread that relates to this is
This chat has been moved to the snomed stream here:

Action items:

  • Dion McMurtrie to create Collaborative work item on this topic (under FHIR Terminology Services)

Done, topic at URIs antecedent SNOMED versions

5Review of proposals for possible Terminology Services and Resources collaborative work30

See Collaborative Work :

Plan for following fortnight

6Value set versioning25

CodeSystem, ValueSet and ConceptMap resource naming, identification and versioning

Relevant HL7 Specification:

7Terms of reference5Terms of Reference - not the most interesting topic but we do need to deal with it!


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